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Music Licensing of Hollywood's staff of music professionals have decades of experience working in Hollywood for major motion picture studios as well as the top television networks.

We are the industry leader in offering the finest in creative musical services and work exclusively with the world's most accomplished orchestral artists and digital music specialists in Hollywood, New York and Europe.

Our music works have been featured on HBO, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and The History Channel in such shows as The Sopranos, America's Most Wanted, NBC Dateline, Saturday Night Live and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.


Big movie studio style action-adventure music with ultra dynamic electro-orchestral arrangements. Designed for super hero movies, spy films, CIA and military themes.

  High Tech Drama

Ultra-modern electrifying film music. Cinematic and dangerous in the style of big movie studio soundtracks to disaster movies and Sci-Fi flicks

  Modern Cinema

New wave filmic music resonating the latest sensational cutting-edge breakthroughs in high tech composing artistry. Compelling and fascinating electro-orchestral arrangements.

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