Our synchronization and master recording licensing rates are based upon the typical industry standards for such licensing to film and television productions and determined by project budgets and extent of distribution.

Music Licensing of Hollywood is currently offering SPECIAL License Use Packages as a cost effective solution to acquire world class music.

Special Licensing is in the form of the following...
Standard License... $100.00 U.S. Dollars
(Granting permission for use in theatrical, broadcast television and Internet distribution worldwide in perpetuity.)

Blanket License... $179.95 U.S. Dollars
(Granting permission for unlimited use in any and all media including DVD and Interactive distribution worldwide in perpetuity.)

Non-Broadcast License... $50.00 U.S. Dollars
(Granting permission for use in audio-visual productions, corporate videos, business presentations and Internet applications worldwide in perpetuity.)

Music For Advertising licensing rates are available upon request.

SPECIAL Broadcasting Packages...

Music Licensing of Hollywood offers special music packages for broadcasters including blanket licenses, subscription licensing and buyout CDs.

Now any television or radio station can afford to enhance their operations with world class production music from Hollywood.

To inquire about broadcaster blanket and buyout licenses... contact us.

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Certain tracks are contractually unavailable for special licensing pricing and licensing rates are subject to change without notice.