Music Licensing Of Hollywood is a one-stop full service music company.

We offer world class original scoring and custom music packages along with an extensive portfolio of the entertainment industry's newest and most dynamic music cues. 

Our company operations are structured to be a cost effective solution to music scoring and licensing fees.

Original Scoring...

Scoring operations include working with the industry's top digital music experts in collaboration with Hollywood's most imaginative arrangers and orchestrators to create electrifying new music for films and television.

Our deluxe world class music tracks feature masterful performances of The Vienna Symphonic Library.

Scoring Rates...

Creative fees (composing, arranging and recording) for high quality cutting edge orchestral scores start at $500 per minute of music (five minute minimum).

  High Tech Drama

Ultra-modern electrifying film music. Cinematic and dangerous in the style of big movie studio soundtracks to disaster movies and Sci-Fi flicks.


Big movie studio style action-adventure music with ultra dynamic electro-orchestral arrangements. Designed for super hero movies, spy films, CIA and military themes.

  Shades of Gray

Deeply expressive dramatic music with a cinematic flair reflecting the profound and mysterious aspects of human destiny and sensual desires...

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Martini Heaven

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